Panchla Mahavidyalaya

Admission to Graduate Courses

Eligibility for Honours Subject: Subject paper 45% & Best 4 subject avarage 50% for general, Subject paper 40% & Best 4 subject avarage 40% for SC, ST, PHC, OBC.
Eligibility for pass Subject: class 12 pass.

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If any difficulty arises in online application, applicants may feel free to visit the college and contact with the ADMISSION OFFICE HELP DESK during application period. Technical support will be provided in the process of application. HELP LINE: +919051160413 (12 Noon. to 3.00 P.M.) or USE WHATSAPP NO: +919051160413 (12 Noon to 3.00 P.M.)

You can pay only admission online now (application payment closed).